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Are you thinking about selling? Homes in Loreto offers the comprehensive support you need when selling your property in Baja.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to be in Loreto to sell my property?

No, you can sell your property from abroad. DocuSign can be used for initial deal signatures, once a offer has been accepted, you can grant a limited Power Of Attorney, specific to the sale of the home to the closing attorney who will sign the necessary documents on your behalf with previous authorization.

What Is the Cost of Selling a Property in Mexico?

The most common seller expenses include: Any pending water bills, property taxes or annual fideicomiso fees, realtor commissions (typically 6% +IVA), ISR tax/capital gains and, if applicable,  granting a Power of Attorney.

What Happens if the Buyer Defaults on the Sale Agreement?

The specifics are determined by the clauses in the Offer to Purchase. Typically, if a buyer fails to make the final deposit, the initial payment becomes non-refundable and is immediately released from the escrow account to the Seller.  

What Is the Timeline for Selling a Property in Mexico?

The timeline can vary depending on factors such as the season in the calendar year, property type, and the complexity of the transaction. A cession of fideicomiso rights in some cases can be completed in as short as 3 months if the property paperwork is up to date.

How Much Am I Going To Pay In Capital Gains?

The exact capital gains/ISR tax amount is calculated by the notary based on the exchange rate at the time of closing and on any applicable deductibles. Reach out to your realtor for an estimate and to determine what options are available to your specific case to mitigate your capital gains.

Do I Actually Need a Realtor To Sell?

In addition to the benefits of local expertise, marketing tools and industry connections, selling with the support of a licensed realtor is key for streamlining a successful sale. I am here to protect your interests, assure a secure and safe transaction, to reduce the stress and make more efficient the lengthy and complicated sale processes involving fideicomisos.


Even if you are only considering selling in the future, contact me to find out in advance what paperwork you will need to provide, what would be involved in selling your specific property, and how to mitigate capital gains. Free consultation, no obligation; I am happy to help inform and better prepare property owners in Loreto.

Be Prepared

If you’re even contemplating selling your property down the road, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I can provide you with valuable insights ahead of time, including the necessary paperwork, the intricacies of selling your particular property, and strategies to minimize capital gains. 


Consultation is completely free, with no strings attached. I’m here to assist and equip property owners in Loreto with the information they need to make informed decisions.

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